Hi all!


If you haven't heard by now, a hurricane is headed for Florida.  There is a concern that Orlando could be affected by the hurricane.  The LDJ team, and the Sunshine district is closely monitoring the situation.  


While things can, and often do, change with hurricanes, Dorian is not projected to impact our area until sometime early in the morning Monday or late Sunday night at the soonest (if at all).  There is still the possibility that it will push more north or even turn right and go circle out in the Atlantic.


Our determination with the limited information we have is that LDJ will still take place.  


While safety is an obvious concern (we believe that the hotel is an extremely safe place to ride out the storm), we are actually most concerned with the travel arrangements for you and our attendees come Monday.  Air travel might be delayed and/or canceled, roads might be crowded, gas pumps empty, etc.  


To that end, we have a contingency plan that can be implemented last minute should it be warranted.  The plan would be that all events (except the golf tournament) would be held on Saturday.  Current slated schedule (updated Aug 29, 7:30 pm CST):


10:00 AM   Novice Contest (Capri)

 2:00  PM   Matinee Show

 7:00 PM    Super-Shop Show


This would leave Sunday open for attendees to depart if they felt more comfortable with that or stay and take part in the biggest hurricane party for barbershoppers.  We are in talks with the hotel as I write this to discuss the impact of room cancellations for Sunday if they choose that their best option is to leave and will communicate more on that as we know more.  


Please note....we will make the final determination no later than Friday evening.  Please continue to check your emails and social media for updates.  I will do my very best to communicate with you.  If by some chance you hear nothing, then plan that all is a go as normal.  If you were not planning on being to LDJ until Saturday afternoon, I would encourage you to plan for a Saturday morning arrival just in case.

- Byron